How to choose an upholstery fabric

Nothing has a greater effect on the look of upholstered furniture than the fabric it is covered in. Fabric is the most visible indication of quality and style, it is also the quickest to show wear and tear, so one should make good choices when buying upholstered furniture. Patterns, plains, prints, textures. We have so many choices these days which makes it hard to know where to start. Let Highly Sprung help you with the dilemma of choosing an appropriate fabric for your needs without the task being so onerous.

So how do you select a fabric that has the style, durability and the feel you are looking for without it costing you lots of time and money.

Points To Consider When Selecting Fabrics:

  • Consider the mood you want to create in your room
  • Work with the style of the furniture e.g. traditional or contemporary
  • Scale of the pattern, large designs look better in larger spaces
  • Durability, if you have high traffic areas with small children and animals to consider choose high rub rates for your fabric choice.
  • Stain Repellent, lots of fabrics now are washable; however you might only be able to spot clean unless you have chosen the loose cover option. We would always recommend a Safegard Treatment with a guarantee that gives you piece of mind if you do have a spill.
  • Fade Resistance; if your furniture will be exposed to direct sunlight you must consider sunlight resistant fabrics as most fabrics will fade over time. There is a wide selection of Indoor/Outdoor fabrics that would deal with fading.
  • Colour is the number one factor when clients are making their fabric selection. Always consider how your furniture will be used and by whom so that you choose a fabric that will best suit your needs and at the same time look pleasing to the eye.
  • Tailoring on furniture, fabric should not have snags, wrinkles or dimples on the surface and stripes and checks should all be aligned as the pattern allows.
  • Most importantly be sure to pick a fabric that you can truly live with and suits your needs.
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